The worldwide marketing is handled by Against PR who will distribute all promotional materials to an extensive network of media contacts, to ensure coverage in the form of reviews, interviews, radio broadcasts and other opportunities for exposure.

An interview is available in the latest Sweden Rock Magazine, september edition.

Sound clip from the latest release "The Fifth Sun" part II. Click here.

A new album will be released 29 September 2023

The new album is titled The Fifth Sun Part II and following the concept from the previous release The Fifth Sun (part I)

We also welcome a few new members outside Sweden in the project. An honor to present freelance singer Steven from the USA and the bassman, we called him Fritz, who claims to be from Germany. Fredrik is still a guitar player since 2015.

Last but not least, Dennis on keyboards will represent the younger generation.

A partnership for distribution is handle by CD Baby.

The album will of course be available for streaming (spotify, iTunes etc...) and dowload, but if you would like to order your own CD, check out the "Shop" menu for more info.

An interview appears in Sweden Rock Magazine, in connection with the latest Fraise release. The Fifth Sun (part I)

Check out the new album on Spotify just to mention a few streaming sites, even Deezer, Wimp. Napster, Tidal and so on.

The new album "The Fifth Sun" is avaible on streaming. Release date: 11 May-20.

You can find a teaser below.

A teaser from the forthcoming album "The Fifth Sun". Click here

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Fireworks Magazine #79 publishes an interview as well as a compilation disk where the song Weaker is available.You can also read an nice review.

A partnership has been started with Two Side Moon production, TSMP helps us with promotion and to reach Metal magazines and Radiostations.

It will be a big interview with Fraise in the English rock magazine Fireworks Magazine in the future. The magazine will also contain a compilation album including the song "Weaker"

There is an interview with Fraise in Sweden Rock Magazine #3.

Two new songs from the new album "Circle-O-Zero" is avalible in the "Discography" meny.

The link below contains a medley from the album. Enjoy.

The new album: Circle-O-Zero will be released in February 23. This is the fourth album in the Fraise history. A digital distrubition on Spotify, Itunes,Wimp... but also a physical distrubition to all cd lovers out there.

Some clips from the album coming up soon. Stay tune.

All music file is in the same category as "Discography", more songs from all album will be added later.

The release date is February 23. And once again we do all the digital distribution by Distro Song AB.

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